About Greta Blackburn

Greta Blackburn has appeared on television in roles ranging from a recurring character on Dynasty to Lorraine, “the good lizard,” on V: The Final Battle, to guest-starring roles in dozens of episodic television shows, to appearances on Fox and Friends, Entertainment Tonight and a host of other programs. Her movie credits include the cult favorite Chained Heat, 48 Hrs., Yellowbeard, The Party Line and many others. Blackburn has also appeared as host on the televised Ms. Fitness USA and Ms. Fitness World contests, through which she was seen by millions of viewers on Fox SportsNet. Ms. Blackburn is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

After years of success in the entertainment industry, Ms. Blackburn shifted her focus and began to build her health and fitness credentials by becoming the Founding Editor of Ms. Fitness Magazine in 1993 and the Founder of FITCAMPS (www.fitcamp.com), the world’s first fitness bootcamps, in 1994.

Co-author of the first laymen’s book on Telomere Biology, The Immortality Edge, she has become known as The Telomere Diva in the world of bio-tech and longevity.

Over the past few years, her focus has shifted back to the creative world with her foray into singing and songwriting. Blackburn explains, “My plan was always to return to my right brain self after a stint living in my left brain. Other than my work, writing theme/title songs for movies and my upcoming EP of original songs based for the most part on current events, my goal is to develop an entirely new music genre: Songs in the Key of DNA, whereby listening to music played in specific keys in a precise sequence actually de-age us at a cellular level. Telomere tunes!”